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Therefore, to pass jusgment on non-instrumentalists when there is no law against speaking or teaching rather than "making music" the musical innovators judge their brethren and generally confiscated their property.

Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address

That this society, formed for the sole purpose of promoting simple evangelical Christianity, shall Or, is there anything that can be justly deemed necessary for this desirable purpose, both to conform to the model and adopt the practice of the primitive Church, expressly exhibited in the New Testament?

That which is universally agreed to be right and true is, in fact, right and true. Historically, these grand expectations for the church matched similar expectations for the greater political realm in the United States of America in the early 19th century.

History of the Restoration Movement

Besides, whatever is to be done, must begin, some time, somewhere; and no matter where, nor by whom, if the Lord puts his hand to the work, it must surely prosper. Timidity and cowardice are not qualities conducive Declaration and address analysis good leadership.

This "common sense hermeneutic," one that allowed for individuals to approach and understand scripture directly, meshed well with the ideals of the American frontier. Without warrant, a comma is often added as "by Jesus Christ, and God the Father. He wrote, "Our dear brethren, of all denominations, will please to consider, that we have our educational prejudices and particular customs to struggle with as well as they.

However, let us realize that the Church is made up of all levels of spiritual maturity We humbly presume, then, dear brethren, you can have no relevant objection to meet us upon this ground. Should we not, then, be excited by these considerations to concur with all our might, to help forward this good work; that what yet remains to be done, may be fully accomplished.

It includes everyone in any place who professes trust and obedience to Christ in all matters according to the Scriptures; and who demonstrates such in character and conduct It is antinatural, as it excites Christians to contemn, to hate, and oppose one another, who are bound by the highest and most endearing obligations to love each other as brethren, even as Christ has loved them Call no man father, no man master on earth; for one is your master, even Christ, and all ye are brethren.

It is his belief that further exposure to scripture, as well as greater discussion with the saints, will reveal God's clear truth.

Similarly, the Christian Association of Washington was simply not accepted in the religious realm. Our dear brethren, giving credit to our sincere and well-meant intention, will charitably excuse the imperfections of our humble performance, and by the assistance of their better judgment correct those mistakes, and supply those deficiencies which in a first attempt of this nature may have escaped our notice" [3]: That we form ourselves into a religious association under the denomination of the Christian Association of Washington—for the sole purpose of promoting simple evangelical Christianity, free from all mixture of human opinions and inventions of men.

He probably had no intention of separating from his Presbyterian brethren. That all that is necessary to the highest state of perfection and purity of the Church upon earth is, first, that none be received as members but such as having that due measure of Scriptural self-knowledge described above, do profess their faith in Christ and obedience to him in all things according to the Scriptures; nor, secondly, that any be retained in her communion longer than they continue to manifest the reality of their profession by their temper and conduct.

All we shall venture to say as to this is, that we trust we have taken the proper ground; at least, if we have not, we despair of finding it elsewhere.

Nay, it would be adopting the very means by which the bewildered Church has, for hundreds of years past, been rending and dividing herself into factions, for Christ's sake, and for the truth's sake; though the first and foundation truth of our Christianity is union with him, and the very next to it in order, union with each other in him-- "that we receive each other, as Christ has also received us, to the glory of God.

Rather than acknowledging that scripture is sometimes ambiguous and difficult to understand, he framed his response in the language of Romans 14the weak and the strong believer.

It is the cause of Christ, and of our brethren throughout all the Churches, of catholic unity, peace, and purity; a cause that must finally prosper in spite of all opposition. A subtle twisting of this reverses its intent.

However, let us realize that the Church is made up of all levels of spiritual maturity Each congregation should receive the other as Christ Jesus has Quintessential Quotes -- Address Is it not then your incumbent duty to endeavor, by all scriptural means, to have those evils remedied?

That this Society, relying upon the all-sufficiency of the Church's Head; and, through his grace, looking with an eye of confidence to the generous liberality of the sincere friends of genuine Christianity; holds itself engaged to afford a competent support to such ministers as the Lord may graciously dispose to assist, at the request, and by invitation of the Society, in promoting a pure evangelical reformation, by the simple preaching of the everlasting Gospel, and the administration of its ordinances in an exact conformity to the Divine standard as aforesaid; and that, therefore, whatever the friends of the institution shall please to contribute toward the support of ministers in connection with this Society, who may be sent forth to preach at considerable distances, the same shall be gratefully received and acknowledged as a donation to its funds.

His use of scripture falls into 3 categories: In many ways, the Declaration and Address has Zionist expectations of biblical proportions. For, if holding fast in profession and practice whatever is expressly revealed and enjoined in the Divine standard does not, under the promised influence of the Divine Spirit, prove an adequate basis for promoting and maintaining unity, peace, and purity, we utterly despair of attaining those invaluable privileges, by adopting the standard of any party.

The Declaration and Address grew out of a meeting held at Buffalo, Pennsylvania on August 17,which was attended by a number of persons of different religious denominations who were more or less perplexed in their views of religion.

And also for supplying the poor with the Holy Scriptures. And is it not said that Zion shall be built in troublous times?

And, also, for supplying the poor with the holy Scriptures. It is antiscriptural, as being strictly prohibited by his sovereign authority; a direct violation of his express command.

From the very introductionit is plain that the Association wanted a change from the sectarian spirit that prevailed in the surrounding religious world. With you all we desire to unite in the bonds of an entire Christian unity--Christ alone being the head, the center, his word the rule; an explicit belief of, and manifest conformity to it, in all things--the terms.

Later, instrumental music would be added and those who resisted would be charged with sowing discord because they refused to conform. And is it not said that Zion shall be built in troublous times?If The Declaration and Address is of any post modern relevance for proposing Christian unity, it is essential that the New Testament be regarded as final, inspired, authoritative revelation (these foundational assumptions would.

Posts about Looking Back at the Declaration and Address written by alanrouse. The Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington is divided into the Declaration, the Address, and the Appendix.

The document is written in the style of early 19th century American religious literature, making it difficult for many to read. Analysis. Argumentation and Use of Scripture. THE DECLARATION AND ADDRESS OF THOMAS CAMPBELL (Printed September 7, ) THE CHRISTIAN UNION OVERTURE: Two Themes of Restoration Heritage--Truth and Unity of The Church in the Post Modern Context of the Denial of True Truth and the Possibility of Unity in a Pluralistic, Relativistic Culture (Humanistic, Secularistic, Naturalistic); compare John 17 and Ephesians 4 on.

The Declaration and Address of the Christian Association of Washington is divided into the Declaration, the Address, and the Appendix. The document is written in the style of early 19th century American religious literature, making it difficult for many to read.

Analysis Argumentation and use of scripture. Thomas Campbell was highly PA marker dedicated: June 19, Sep 04,  · Attached is the docx file of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and is one of the seminal works of the Stone-Campbell Movement (or American Restoration Movement) primarily consisting of the non-instrumental churches of Christ, the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ, and The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Declaration and address analysis
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