Aquarius advertising agency case

According to the organizational structure and policies each account was supposed to be managed by an account executive through which formal communication was supposed to pass through. The number Aquarius advertising agency case direct communications and contacts among clients, Aquarius specialists, and Aquarius account executives is indicated in Figure 2.

The two account executive groups relay their resource needs to fulfill customer demands through this liaison. For example, an art specialists working as one member of a team on a particular client account are often contacted directly by the client's in-house art specialist, and agency research personnel have direct communication with research people of the client firm.

Each intersecting cell of Aquarius personnel and the clients contains an index of the direct contacts between them. The operations SVP will have Creative VP and Marketing VP who will also take dotted reporting from the training manager, who will be responsible for training their teams on various business conduct module and the business polices.

As a result, many of the employees strive to be independent and do things in an original way in order to stand out. The executives were hired to make sure that the customers were attended to and if other employees are going directly to the customer then it creates confusion.

Additional services include aid in marketing and distribution of products, and marketing research to test advertising effectiveness. In terms of performance, traditional forms of advertising such as TV and radio have not been improved by technology for quite some time.

Email is very common these days, however, new information systems and database software are changing the way all organizations of any kind deal with all data. The agency is headed by board of directors who take the updates from the president of the organization.

However, new Internet technologies like social media are revolutionizing the advertising industry and Aquarius has had to adapt to those changes. This miscommunication was increased to such a level that there were differential communications between the different groups of the agency.


The finance of the agency is managed by the financial manager, the HR manager take care of the HR department, client accounts are taken care by the accounts vice president, operations vice president manages the operations function, and the marketing vice president manages the marketing function of the organization.

According to the organizational structure and policies each account was supposed to be managed by an account executive through which formal communication was supposed to pass through.

The products of the agency include: Even the communication and technology levels within the organization were not uniform and according to the policies and standards of the organization Galbraith, The client is the market driver today and thus needs to be satisfied for which the flow of information and communication is very important.

Aquarius Advertising

Organizing and leading A heavy weight development teams. This also led to loose lines of controls in the organization, loss of the power by the accounts vice president, miscommunication in the organization because of confusing and traditional communication lines, non-reporting of the issue of miscommunication by the accounts executive to their boss which in turn should have reported it to the president.Aquarius Advertising Agency The Aquarius Advertising Agency is a middle sized firm that offered two basic services to its clients: (1) Customized plans for content of an advertising campaign (for example, slogans and layouts) and (2) Complete plan for media (such as radio, TV, newspaper, billboards, internet).

Aquarius Advertising: Case Study

In regards to the advertising services Aquarius provides, their employees need to adapt to new industry trends often and no consistent routine exists for serving the various clients they encounter. Goals – Aquarius strives to be a respected agency in the advertising industry. Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Recommendation Current Situation at AAA Although a functional structure, inter-department contact can be observed.

Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Study 3 Aquarius Advertising Agency and the Five Contextual Variables The Environment of a company is extremely important. One of the things that you do not want to do is have an environment where everything is about work%(5).

Agency Case Analysis Maria McDonald SW May 31, California State University, Bakersfield Agency Case Analysis Mission The Partners in Care Foundation (Partners) is a 50l(c)(3) private nonprofit organization based in the City of San Fernando, CA.

Aquarius Advertising Agency: Case Study 1)Aquarius’ 5 Contextual Variables: Environment – the business environment for advertising agencies is variable and always undergoing changes.

In particular, it is common for these agencies to lose and gain large numbers of clients frequently.

Aquarius advertising agency case
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