Apache rewrite add header in word

I am trying to help the community, not asking a support. But as William A.

RewriteRule sample for WordPress in subdirectory

Unless explicitly stated otherwise all files in this repository are licensed under the Apache Software License 2. For example, it can discard the directive because deprecated!

Note that for the purposes of this walkthrough it is assumed that WordPress is installed in a Web site root directory. The following patch seems to work fine with RewriteConds in Directory context: The text should be enclosed in the appropriate comment syntax for the file format.

Protect sensitive files By default, all WordPress installs include the following files: It will break if the file-name has dashes in it, though. You will see that the browser got redirected to http: Stop processing RewriteRules once this one matches. Then you have defined an outbound rule that modifies the HTTP Location header in the redirection response generated by the web application from the backend content server.

You can block specific domains using: To do so, you can use the following PHP code: Comment 6 Luca Toscano Prerequisites This walkthrough requires the following prerequisites: Now open a web browser and make a request http: Not sure if it makes any sense, but I am running out of ideas: Jan 30 Yann you are awesome as usual, the following seems working perfectly: Comment 5 gilperon There are two possibilities here:To implement, add this code to your site’s cheri197.comss file: # Add Vary header Header append Vary: Accept-Encoding This code sends the necessary Vary header for CSS, JavaScript, gzip, and XML files.

HTTP Referer based redirects in Apache

Apache rewrite rule adds empty Allow header. Ask Question.


up vote 2 down vote favorite. I'm using an Apache () rewrite rule to whitelist a number of HTTP methods: I've voted +1 on your question because even if i think i know why Apache add this header, i spend half a day trying to set its value, Apache rewrite rule adds 2 superflous.

Powered by a free Atlassian JIRA open source license for Apache Software Foundation. Try JIRA - bug tracking software for your team. Is it possible to set headers conditionally? Ask Question. (not very useful in your particular case since you need to add 3 headers) share | improve this answer.

answered Jan 5 '17 at rustyx. k 5 93 Can't set expire header on images with Apache. 0. Adding expire headers in htaccess. 0. A HeaderFooters collection contain HeaderFooter objects of one type (header or footer).

The HeadersFooters collection includes all headers and footers in the specified document section. A HeaderFooter collection, whether it be a collection of headers or a collection of footers is indexed by one of the constants in the following enumeration.

Sep 22,  · 3 thoughts on “ X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff header Running CherryPy behind Apache using cheri197.comss & cheri197.comss always add cheri197.comss dynamic cheri197.comss mod cheri197.comss rewrite mask external cheri197.comss rewrite cheri197.comss cheri197.comss url rewrite apache askapache authority.

Apache rewrite add header in word
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